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Our technological advantage
With the leading international research results of functional restorative dressings, we have developed high end functional medical repair dressings using international high-tech materials, combined with the wound healing cycle and characteristics
Focus on independent R & D innovation, the league's national authoritative research and development institutions 15, Nanjing has 3 invention patents, 8 utility models patents, 13 appearance patents
Short tube sterile tube, a variety of KELONG design patent, chitosan gel, hydrogel eye patch and a number of utility model patents, new chitosan gel plug, new activated carbon adsorption suppository, novel hydrogel eye pastes of the invention patent
Our patent advantage
The main patents are recombinant human proteins, silver ions, herbal extracts, chitin.
Nanjing Industrial Park proprietary factory covers an area of 5000 square meters, a total investment of 150 million yuan, the production line of 10000 sterile area more than 1000 square meters, sterile test room area of 200 square meters, independent injection water production line of 150 square meters.
The company has been committed to the development of independent intellectual property rights, currently has: 69 registered trademarks, biotechnology, official website platform software copyright, a variety of content design copyright
Our development advantages
The development of 17 years, was awarded the famous brand of Jiangsu Province, Shaanxi Province, medical equipment industry, the integrity of the enterprise China Reproductive Health Industry Association executive director units, reproductive health consultant training base, China health product safety certification and a series of honorary titles.
For more than more than 300 companies around the world brand body record, design number 0EM products, service projects for the country's 3600 medical institutions.
Nanjing OEM products have entered every household, and help more people realize their dreams, more women health, beauty, self-confidence.
Our brand advantage
Chinese women's reproductive health industry brand alliance products and leading brands
China's medical equipment industry best-selling brand
National consumer satisfaction brand
International leading high-end functional medical repair dressing: gynecological repair dressing, skin repair, activated carbon adsorption bolt dressing, chitosan gel, medical bioremediation dressing.
Focus on women's health, set up independent research and development of medical devices and OEM customized services.
Product 100% clinical verification experiments mainly supply: gynecological chitosan gel, HP eye paste, imitation physiological sea nose cleaning solution, hydrogel eye paste, gynecological reproduction OEM, HP symbol OEM, etc.